Device Details


This design allows you to secure a 355 ml / 12 oz can so that you can open it comfortably or work on finding a grip to lift it in and out independently without tipping it over. It is movable and depending on the surface the user may want to put something on the bottom of the device to make it grip better. As someone that struggles with hand dexterity, this device gives me the confidence to take my time and be as independent as possible.


The Can Stabilizer is placed on a flat surface. A beverage can can be inserted into the top of the device. The Can Stabilizer will stabilize the can during opening or when forming a grip, then the beverage can easily be lifted out of the top of the Stabilizer.


Approximately $1.50 CAD for filament.


Build Instructions

The Can Stabilizer consists of a single 3D printed part. Refer to the Maker Guide for detailed instructions on how to create the device.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing

Time Required

  • 3D Printing Time: 2:40
  • Assembly Time: 0


  • Hobby knife / sandpaper / etc. for post processing


Design: Mark Fuglevand

Documentation: Neil Squire / Makers Making Change