Device Details


The Cane Cart Holder consists of a front hook and a back hook that can be used by blind and low vision persons to attach their cane to a grocery cart while shopping. Each hook is shaped like an ‘S’, with a smaller portion for clipping onto the grocery cart and a larger portion for clipping onto the cane.


The back hook can be identified by the presence of 3 tactile domes on one side of the hook. The front hook is smooth on both sides of the hook.

First, the back hook is clipped on to the grocery cart near the grocery cart’s handle. The handle of the cane is slid into the opening on the back hook until it is snug. Next, the front hook is clipped towards the front of the grocery cart, attempting to match the height of the back hook. Lastly, the front portion of the cane is clipped into the front hook.

When finished, the hooks are small enough to be stored in a pocket.


The cost of materials for the Cane Cart Holder is approximately

Build Instructions

The Cane Cart Holder consists of 2 3D printed parts. No additional hardware or assembly is required.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing

Time Required

  • 3D Printing: 25 m


  • None required.


  • 1X Cane Cart Holder Front
  • 1X Cane Cart Holder Back

3D Printing

The two hooks can be printed in the user’s desired color. No support is required. The design requires approximately 4 g of material. For material, PLA or PETg would be good choices. PETg may be preferrable to better handle warm temperatures.


The Cane Cart Holder was designed by Neil Mckenzie.

The Cane Cart Holder hooks are based on ‘Bird Cage Door Hooks – Hook open Bird Cage Doors for ease of access’ by Murray Clark (muzz64) used under a Creative Commons – Attribution license.