Device Details


The Corrugated Plastic Switch works well for users looking for a large surface for targeting at a low cost. The switch is made from simple materials and can be replicated and modified easily. Similar in concept to the DIY Cardboard Switch, the switch works as a simple on or off button while attached to an electronic toy or appliance.  When given access to a switch, the user becomes an active participant in accessing the item and is able to use the switch to interact with the device.


The Corrugated Plastic Switch is ideal for users looking for a temporary switch to test sizing and activation forces with. This switch also works well as a quick replacement if an existing switch breaks. Users with difficulty targeting switches may find this device helpful with its larger surface area.

Build Instructions

Information on building the Corrugated Plastic Switch can be found in the instructions linked, along with the list of materials required.


Made by: Jamie Mayo