Device Details

A switch array is a group of switches arranged closely together. It’s often used with an assistive device that allows multiple switch inputs, for example a switch to tap and a second switch to scroll on a tablet. This guide walks users and their caretaker through creating a modular switch array setup.

What is a switch array used for?

  • Adaptive gaming allows gamers with disabilities to play video games with alternative controls. The keyboard and controller functions can be remapped so the same actions can be used by switches and joysticks to better suit the gamer. Adaptive gaming is suitable for gamers with hand and finger mobility issues. Learn how to set up adaptive gaming.
  • Switch scanning is a way for people with limited hand or finger mobility to interact with their computer, tablet, or phone. Using a switch interface as the ‘middleware’, users can tap, scroll, and perform other interactions with a switch instead of using the touchscreen or keyboard, allowing users to interact with devices at a distance. Switches can be mounted right beside their hand, on their wheelchair headrest, or by their feet. Tech required: Middleware like the Swifty, Feather All in One (FAIO), ATMaker KeySwitch. Learn how to set up switch scanning.

Materials required: