Device Details

The switch activated dice spinner utilizes a hobby motor, battery holder, and 3.5mm jack along with a couple 3d printed parts and a clear plastic cup to make any dice game more accessible. It is an easy toy to make that allows children to roll the dice in an alternative way.

The 3d printed base has mounting locations for the hobby motor, battery holder, and switch jack. Once the components have been wired up the 3d printed platter can be press fit onto the shaft of the hobby motor, the dice placed on it, and the clear cup put into the tabs on the base. Now you’re ready for action.

I printed this in PLA and sized it so it can be printed on printers as small as the mono price Mini Select.

3D print files can be found in the Thingiverse link above, and an alternative OpenSCAD dice platter CAD file can be downloaded above as well.