Device Details

This tool is used to improve the accuracy of measurements for the customizable 3d printed keyguard device. In particular it is used to measure the size of the opening in the tablet case but it can also be used to measure the sizes and locations of screen elements without requiring that the tablet be taken out of its case. It’s very hard to replicate these measurements with a ruler because most cases are smaller than the ruler which then has to be propped up on one side of the case and the extent of the opening has to be guessed at by eye.

You can learn more about how to use the tool on here: and you can learn more about our customizable keyguard here:

There are two different “top” files. One has a cavity for a standard 5mm hex bolt and the other has a cavity for a standard 5mm square bolt. The top requires a pair of embedded standard M5 nuts that should be inserted just before the z-axis reaches approximately 7.125 mm. At that point a sacrificial bridge is added which will later be pierced by an M5 bolt. The images show the sacrificial bridge in Fusion 360 as well as in Simplify 3D. The top should be printed at a 0.15 mm layer height or your slicer may not create the sacrificial bridge. If that’s the case, the next layer of plastic (above the insertion of the nut) may have nothing to attach to and will just gum up. You could try spraying the nuts with hairspray to make them sticky and serve as a surface for any plastic that touches them.

The knobs were remixed based on this design: The small knob is used with an M5 x 20 mm bolt and the larger knob is used with an M5 x 25 mm bolt.

Top and base are epoxied or super-glued together with the rods in place – being sure not to get any adhesive on the rods.

A couple of strips (one on top of the other) of electrical tape on the bottom of the base will help keep the base from slipping on the tablet glass as you try to take measurements.

Finally, a 10 cm piece of ruler tape (e.g. Amazon ) can be attached to the side of the tool so that it can be used to directly take measurements of the communications app.

Thingiverse is weird! At the moment it coughs up a 404 page if you try to download all STL files at once – so just download them one at a time.