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This inexpensive 3D printed Xbox One controller  modification will allow for the user to operate the trigger buttons on the back of the controller with a reduced range of motion. This may be beneficial  for anyone with small hands, as well as for people who may have clenched fist syndrome or other conditions that restrict movements in their hands.

This controller adaptation makes it easier for someone who may have a difficult time reaching the back trigger buttons.


Platforms: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10 Devices

Controllers: Xbox One


This controller adaptation allows for the user to operate their Xbox One controller’s trigger buttons with a reduced range of motion. To use the trigger buttons, the user will push on the 3D printed arms that are simultaneously pushing on the buttons.

Build Instructions


  • 3D printing


  • 3D printer


All components can be printed with no support at 20% infill with a 0.2mm layer height. It is recommended that the pieces are printed with a minimum of 6 walls for additional strength. 3D print files can be found on the Prusa Printers’ website, and are linked above.

  • 1x – Xbox Clip for Extended Triggers & Buttons
  • 1x – Triggers
  • 1x – Buttons


Designed by: occupied_brain

In partnership with The Controller Project