Device Details

The Feather All-in-One (FAIO) Multiplexer Wireless is an open-source Assistive technology wing for Adafruit Feather boards with on-board Bluetooth modules which enables those with limited or no hand movement to wirelessly use Adaptive switches as input to operate in multiple input modes. The FAIO Multiplexer Wireless uses an Adafruit Feather Bluefruit board, a custom PCB, components such as 3.5 mm audio jacks, RGB LED, and a 3D printed enclosure.

FAIO Multiplexer Wireless allows you to convert 3.5 mm inputs to switch or Morse keyboard or Morse mouse actions via a Bluetooth HID interface.

FAIO Multiplexer Wireless supports following switch modes:

Switch Access Mode ( HID Keyboard )
Morse Keyboard Mode ( HID Keyboard )
Morse Mouse Mode ( HID Mouse )
Joystick Mode ( HID Joystick )

The device costs US $40 to US $60 depending on the version of Adafruit Feather board.

Future changes will include:

  • Improving Morse code library
  • Wireless version of software