Device Details


This 3D printed button guard physically restricts access to the volume control and change level buttons located in the upper right corner of a Go Talk® 9+ Augmentative and Alternative Communication device.  These buttons can be a distraction for people first learning how to use the device. Small holes over each of the buttons still allow a caregiver or assistant to activate the buttons using a pen or other small object.


When in place, the guard provides a physical barrier to prevents a user from activating the volume control or change level buttons with their finger. The buttons can still be pressed by using a narrow object such as a pen through the small holes in the guard.

While the Go Talk 9+ has a lock feature to eliminate unwanted use of these buttons, this guard physically limits access to the buttons, which can encourage a new user to explore the other keys.

Build Instructions

The Go Talk Button Guard consists of a single 3D printed part and requires no additional assembly other than attaching it to the AAC device.

A typical print uses about 6 grams of filament and requires about 30 minutes to print. This is about $0.25 worth of material. The print file is available in the downloadables section. After the print is complete, ensure there are no burrs or sharp edges.

Ideally, the color of filament is chosen to match the color of the AAC device so it provides minimal distraction.

The guard is positioned over the buttons and either fixed permanently with adhesive (e.g. superglue) or temporarily using double-sided tape (e.g. UGlu).



This design was created by James Kauppila based on a request from Michelle Anderson.