Device Details

The Cane Holder Clip is a lightweight assistive aid that can be hung from a bag so that a cane can be easily held in place with the users bag whenever it is not needed. This device was developed for a user with a cane that has a roller ball end. The cane would tend to roll away when it was leaned against a chair, or wall. The Cane Holder Clip avoids the need to find a suitable place to rest the cane that is still in an easy to access location for the user.

The Cane Holder Clip works by pressing the cane shaft through the opening, which causes the material to flex open and then back again to retain the cane. To remove the cane, simple pull on the cane while pressing the wing tabs to “pop” it out again.

The material used for the original design was PET-G. Print orientation should be vertical (see video) so that the layer boundaries are not being directly stressed when the clip flexes during cane installation and removal. The Cane Holder Clip should be printed with 4 perimeters / shells to maximize strength and minimize print time.

The clip was designed to be hung from a backpack using a simple caribiner clip. We found caribiners with a flat closure were much more tactile and easy to use. These clips are readily available, and while I’m not into promoting anyone in particular here’s an example:

The Ambutech PGS Mobility Cane has a cane shaft diameter of 13.2 mm, and a ferrule outside diameter of 15 mm. This design will need to be modified to fit other cane sizes, but it is a simple design.

This Mobility Cane Holder Clip has been used by the project requester for several weeks, and they just asked for more!