Device Details

An Eye Gaze Communication Board, Gaze Communication Board, or Eye Communication Frame is a simple device to help someone communicate by interpreting eye movements. The eye gaze board is essentially a clear plastic sheet with a hole in the middle. Different locations on the border of the gaze board may have letters, symbols, words, or objects (e.g., food, bathroom, yes, no). The interpreter holds the gaze board between the user and the him/herself and interprets where the user is looking.

This project may be useful for someone with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, or other conditions that impair speech.

This design is a plain frame that is intended to be laser cut using a clear material such as acrylic. Letters, words, or objects can then be attached to customize the board. The board is approximately 454 mm (18 inches) tall and  607 mm (18 inches) wide.