Device Details


The LipSync Switch Input Module enables a LipSync to be modified for use with two assistive switches instead of sip and puff. This adaptation can be useful for users who find using the standard LipSync mouthpiece difficult, such as those with Parkinson’s or ALS. The LipSync Switch Input Module can be used to convert the LipSync, LipSync Wireless, LipSync Gaming, or LipSync Macro.


Two assistive switches are connected to the corresponding jack on the splitter cable. One switch will be used to emulate sip input and the other switch will emulate puff input.

Build Instruction

The LipSync Switch Input Module consists of a 3D Printed Circuit Board and some commercially available electronics, cables, and cable adapter. You will also require a LipSync with a Switch Input Compatible Enclosure.

Bill of Materials

1X 3D Printed Circuit Board (34 min print; 2.5 g filament; ~$0.06)

1X Header, 4-Position Straight Female ($0.63)

2X Resistor, 10K Ohm, 1/4W Mini Axial Through-Hole ($0.14 ea)

2X Resistor, 100K Ohm, 1/4W Mini Axial Throuh-Hole ($0.14 ea)

1X Cable Tie

1X 3.5 mm Cable, Female, Stereo, 6 ft

1X Breakout Cable, 3.5 mm TRSM to Dual 3.5 mm TSF Breakout Cable ($16.46, e.g. Amazon)*

* There are two types of 3.5 mm splitters that appear very similar. The type required for this device separates the left and right channels into mono connections. This is different than the type that is more commonly available and often used for sharing sound between two users. Make sure you get the correct one.

Build Instructions

A comprehensive Assembly Guide is available as part of the linked files or through the GitHub repository. Once the Switch Input Module is assembled, the LipSync will need to be disassembled and the Pressure Sensor PCB replaced with the Switch Input Module. The 3D Printed Rear Housing will also need to be swapped with a version that is compatible with Switch Input. The LipSync is then reassembled so that both the USB cable and the Switch Input cable come out of the LipSync enclosure.


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