Device Details


“Musical Paint Brushes” are a simple adaptive controller that offers many therapeutic benefits. Some of those benefits include improving fine motor coordination, grasp, visual motor coordination and more. To use “Musical Paint Brushes”, a user paints on wet paper to control an activity. One such activity is allowing the user to play a musical note with each stroke of paint. A user can also control multiple notes by connecting multiple brushes to the Makey Makey.


In order to use “Musical Paint Brushes” the user must connect the Makey Makey Classic and the paint brushes as shown in the How To guide. Additionally, the user will need to prep a wet sheet of paper that they can paint on. Once the user connects the devices and has the paper ready, the user can touch any of the brushes to the paper in order to control the chosen actions.

Build Instructions

Information on how to build “Musical Paint Brushes” can be found in the Makey Makey How To guide linked. Links for the items required to build the project are also found in the link.


Made by: Katie Butzu & Mark Lyons