Device Details


This 3D printed device allows for Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to be held comfortably in a user’s left hand. The Joy-Cons can be easily slid in and out of the 3D printed modification and are set at an angle at which an individual can use the device with only a left hand. To allow differences in hand sizes there are small, medium, and large versions of the 3D print. However, this does not change the length of the print but only the angle at which the Joy-Cons are set. If you are requesting this device and know that you have a smaller or larger hand size, make a note of that in the request details. If you are not sure what size of this device is right for you, start at the medium size and evaluate from there.

This 3D print is intended to be used in the user’s left hand, but a right-handed version of this device can be found here.


Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC (Joy-Cons can be used to connect to PC)

Controllers: Nintendo Joy-Con


To use this device take the attachment side of the Joy-Con and slide it into the slot on the 3D print. Make sure that the Joy-Cons are inserted into the 3D print with the buttons facing outward. Place the left hand under the now mounted Joy-Cons and get familiar with the layout. Alternatively, one can place the mounted Joy-Cons on the table and the user can use their left hand on top of the controllers to play a game. Once the Joy-Cons are placed in the 3D print, the Nintendo Switch can then be turned on and used to play games or watch media.

Build Instructions

To find the instructions and 3D print files for this device please visit Vexelius project page.

Skills Required

  • 3D printing


  • 3D printer

3D Printing

There is a small, medium, and large versions of this device. If you are making this device, ensure you are printing the right version the user requested. All components can be printed with no support at 20% infill with a 0.2 layer height. All pieces can be printed using PLA filament.  3D print files can be found on the Printables website, and are linked above.

  • 1x – Left Handed Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Modification


Design: Vexelius

In partnership with The Controller Project