Device Details


The Open Wobble Switch is a cost effective, open source assistive switch similar to commercially available Wobble Switches. The switch is activated by applying force to and moving a wand in any direction. The switch can be activated by various body parts including the limbs and head. It provides a momentary closed contact that can be used to activate various assistive devices.

The switch provides a momentary closure to a 3.5 mm jack. The switch can be plugged directly into a suitable assistive device and can be used to access a computer or smartphone using a suitable switch interface. The switch can be plugged directly into the Xbox Adaptive Controller.


This is a very simple switch to assemble and does not require any soldering. A screwdriver and a pair of wirestrippers are the only tools required. All of the necessary files and instructions are available at the linked GitHub repository. All the files for version 1.1 can also be found in the zipped release here.


The switch has a female 1/4-inch-20 thread that is compatible with camera mounting systems and most assistive technology mounting systems to provide convenient mounting options.


The switch requires approximately 0.55 N (55 gf) and about 24 mm of travel to operate at the end of the wire. This may vary depend on the size and type of topper attached. The Open Wobble Switch has an interchangeable topper that can be swapped for different styles. Custom toppers can also be created.