Device Details

The 3D printed parking pass hanger allows a user to more clearly display their parking pass when parked. The file can be adapted to different vehicles to allow the pass to more easily fit the rearview mirror mount. The file can also be adapted for different sized parking passes. Using PETG or ABS, the pass hanger will be able to withstand the range of temperatures expected from a cold winter day, to a hot summer afternoon. Different colours can help make the pass more easily viewable from a distance as well.

The current STL file is for the SPARC BC disability parking pass.

Reminder that parking passes should not be hung from the mirror while driving as it can limit your visibility. This hanger can make it easier to remove and store for when not driving.

Printing Instructions:

  • Position the print so it lies flat
  • Print with PETG
  • Print with supports
  • No brim

Editing the 3D Model:

  • Open the Fusion 360 file
  • Select the “Change Parameters” option under the “Modify” tab
  • Input your measurements and export the STL