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This is a cost-effective 3D printable accessibility switch. The switch is 32 mm L x 22 mm W x 9 mm H and uses a standard 3.5 mm cable. Using the model of tactile switch specified, the activation force is about 1.3 N (130 gf). This switch is comparable in size, activation force, and travel to the AbleNet Mini Cup Switch.


The switch is well-suited for use by a finger. This switch can be plugged into any standard 3.5 mm AT interface. It can also be used with the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Multiple switches can be used to get input from more than one finger. The switch can be mounted using adhesive on the rear surface.

Build Instructions

Bill of Materials

To assemble the switch, you will need:
1 – 3D Printed Switch Base (~ 1.3 g of filament, $0.07)

1 – 3D Printed Switch Cap (~ 1.0 g of filament, $0.05)

1 – 3.5 mm mono cable (e.g., ~$4.50; OR try local dollar store)

1 – 12 mm tactile switch (e.g. Omron B3F-5050,, ~$0.90)

~1/3 – stick of hot glue

1 – 3D Printed 12 mm switch soldering jig (Optional; ~5.0 g of filament, $0.25)


  • Soldering iron
  • Wire strippers / wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun

3D Printing

The cap is printed with the activation surface on the printbed and does not require support. The base prints with the large circular surface on the print bed. It should print without the need for support on printers tuned for a small amount of bridging.

Assembling the Switch

See the attached PDF below for detailed assembly instructions.

Used side cutters to cut off the through hole mounting lugs from the 12 mm switch and remove the contacts on one side.

Thread the cable through the switch base. Solder the leads to the switch. Test the switch before the final assembly.

Use a tiny bit of hot glue to secure the switch in place on the base, and then use more glue to secure the cable in place to provide some strain relief on the back side. Use a tiny bit more glue to secure the cap to the top of the switch.


v1.2 (2020-Oct-29)

  • Improved base printability.


Original Design

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