Device Details


The Ready Writer is an assistive device designed to decrease muscle fatigue for persons that have low finger mobility/strength. The device decreases muscle fatigue by creating a larger surface to hold. The larger surface allows for both a lower amount of force needed to grip the device and a more comfortable position with which to hold it.


Attach the device to a pen/pencil by press-fitting a pen/pencil into the holder. Once the pen is in the holder, it should stay in place securely.

Bill of Materials

  • 3D printed Ready Writer components
    • 1x right body
    • 1x left body
    • 1x right pencil holder
    • 1x left pencil holder
  • 1 x Writing utensil

Print Instructions

Print the STL file at 0.2mm layer height, 20% infill, and no supports in PLA. If there are issues printing the right and left pencil holder files supports may fix this issue

Build Instruction

Attaching the pencil to the Ready Writer is easy and requires only sliding the pencil into the grip. The grip is designed with supports to hold the writing utensil.


This design was created by Jasmine from Copley High School District as part of the Make:Able Challenge.