Device Details


The Rocket Switch Interface is a switch interface device which enables users to operate their computer or smartphone devices using assistive switches. The Rocket Switch Interface supports up to two 3.5 mm assistive switches.


Both switches can be used as inputs when short pressed, switch 1 can be used to change the operation mode when it’s pressed and hold for 4 seconds. The device can operate in several modes:

  • Switch Mode: This mode can be used along switch control software available for Windows and Android Operating Systems. Switch 1 outputs A key and switch 2 outputs B key.
  • Switch Mac Mode: This mode can be used along switch control software available for Mac Operating Systems. Switch 1 outputs F1 key and Switch 2 outputs F2 key.
  • Mouse Mode: This mode can be used to simulate a mouse button click. Switch 1 performs left mouse click and Switch 2 performs right mouse click.
  • Settings Mode: The settings mode allows the user to adjust the reaction time between switch presses.  The minimum reaction time is 50 ms (Level 10) and maximum reaction time is 500 ms (Level 1). The default reaction time is Switch 1 decrements the reaction level by 1 level and switch 2 increments the reaction level by 1 level as well.


$45 ($15.16 Components and 3D prints; ~$30 for order of custom PCBs)

Build Instructions

The Rocket Switch Interface consists of 3D printed parts, electronic components, and custom Arduino program. The Assembly Guide is available at the GitHub repository.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing
  • Soldering
  • Custom PCB
  • Microcontroller programming

Time Required

3D Printing Time: 49 Minutes

Assembly Time: 20 Minutes

Software Setup Time: 15 Minutes


  • Soldering Iron and 60/40 electronics solder
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Side cutters
  • Medium Phillips screwdriver
  • Optional clamp or vise to align PCB’s.


  • 1X Rocket Switch Interface PCB
  • 1X Adafruit Rotary Trinkey (i.e.,
  • 2X SJ-43514 3.5mm Jack Stereo
  • 2X 7 kOhms 1/4W Through Hole Resistor
  • 1X Light Pipe
  • 1X M3 6MM Pan Head Machine Screw Phillip

3D Printing

  • 1X Top Case (3D)
  • 1X Bottom Case (3D)
  • 1X Assembly Jig (3D)

Custom PCB

This design utilizes a custom PCB. Five boards (minimum quantity) can be obtained for approximately $30 CAD (shipping included).


A custom Arduino code (Rocket_Switch_Interface.ino) needs to be flashed using Arduino IDE.


The PCB was designed using Autodesk EAGLE, and the enclosure was designed using Autodesk Fusion 360.


Designed by Makers Making Change


  • Milad Hajihassan, Makers Making Change


  • Derrick Andrews, Makers Making Change