Device Details


The Simple Switch Tester is a cost effective, open source assistive technology for testing assistive switches. When an assistive switch is connected to the tester via the 3.5 mm jack and activated, a light on the tester will illuminate indicating that the switch is functioning correctly. The tester is powered by two AAA batteries. A test button on the side of the tester allows the batteries to be tested to confirm the tester is working correctly before testing a switch.



Press the test button on the Switch Tester to confirm that the tester is working and has adequate battery power. If the tester is working properly, the light should turn on. Next, connect the assistive switch to be tested to the Switch Tester using the 3.5 mm jack. Activate the assistive switch. If the switch is working properly, the light on the Switch Tester will illuminate when the switch is activated.


Build Instructions

All information to build the Simple Switch Tester is available at GitHub. This build consists of 3D printed components, and electronic components that are soldered together. The electronic components are inserted into the 3D printed components once they are soldered.


Design and Assembly Instructions: Makers Making Change