Device Details


The Single Row Playing Cards Holder is an assistive device for holding playing cards. This fully 3D-printed device aims to assist those with limited hand dexterity by giving them an alternate means of holding their playing cards. Users can place their cards into the tabletop holder which will discreetly display their cards during gameplay. 

A Multi Row Playing Cards Holder version is also available. This other device consists of 4 card slots for holding approximately 52 standard sized playing cards. This device may be more suitable for users that want extra room for cards and can manage multiple rows.


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This device is intended to be used with standard sized playing cards. Larger cards can be used but will decrease the maximum number of cards that can be held. Approximately 20 cards can be placed in the holding slot to be displayed.


Approximately $0.88 CAD for filament.

Build Instructions

The Single Row Playing Cards Holder consists of a single 3D printed component. Refer to the 3D Print guide for detailed instructions. No assembly required.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing

Time Required

  • 3D Printing Time: 5h 41m
  • Assembly Time: None

3D Printing

  • 1X Single-Row Playing Cards Holder


Design: Shane Kartz licensed under Creative Commons (International License) Public Domain.

Documentation: Neil Squire / Makers Making Change