Device Details


The Solderless Unibody Switch is a simple switch that enables the user to easily activate a button. This device is suitable for users with limited dexterity and finger movement. The unique design of the single-piece print and few electronic components enables the maker to build the device without the use of a soldering iron, allowing the device to be more accessible and buildable for makers.


The Solderless Unibody Switch is a simple device that is meant to be made accessible to makers that don’t have access to a soldering iron. This device is intended for individuals that are looking for a switch that has a lower profile.

Build Instructions

An assembly guide can be found in the documentation on this device page. If you are fulfilling a request for this device, please take a look at the maker checklist document before you start the build to help walk you through the process.


  • Fine motor skills – Applying a small amount of super glue
  • Pulling – Tightening zip tie
  • Gripping – Using tools/lighter


  • Super glue
  • Flush cutters
  • Wire strippers
  • Heat Gun / Lighter
  • Needle nose pliers (optional)



1x – Body of switch (STL and printing guide can be found in the design files link above)


Justin Pezzin – Makers Making Change