Device Details


This is a switch mount based on a commercially available glass suction cup. The glass suction cup is modified with an alternative base that provides a location for mounting an assistive switch. The switch mount can be temporarily anchored to a smooth surface for high holding power. These items can be used for people who need easily adjustable switch positioning for operating AAC devices and play.


A suitable assistive switch is attached to the Switch Mount base. The Suction Cup Single Switch Mount is positioned in an appropriate location for the user on a smooth surface with the lever in the upright open position. The lever is then rotated down to engage the suction cup to the surface.

To remove or reposition the switch mount, the lever is returned to the vertically upright open position.

Build Instructions

The Suction Cup Single Switch Mount is comprised of a commercially available suction cup and a 3d printed adapter. The assistive switch is not included and should be supplied or requested separately.

Bill of Materials

1X Glass Suction Cup with 4-2/3 inch diameter cups (e.g.,, ~$15)

1X 3D Printed Switch Mount Base (~$3)

3D Printing

The 3D printed Switch Mount Base is a single component and the STL file available in the downloadables section. The print requires support and is about a 6hr 20m print. The print requires about a 100 grams of material (~$3).


First, the glass suction cup tool is disassembled to remove the original metal base. A video demonstrating the disassembly process for a similar design can be found here:

The retaining ring is removed from the pin and stored where it won’t get lost. A clamp is used to take the tension off the suction cup, and the pin is removed along with the lever. The remaining parts are separated from the original metal base.

The suction cup parts are then reassembled into the 3d printed Switch Mount base.