Device Details


This is a cup holder that can be placed on the underside of a wheelchair armrest and can be swiveled underneath the armrest when not in use. It is designed to fit various cup and mug sizes, including multiple diameters and depths. The holder can be 3D printed in a variety of materials such as PETG or PLA. The swivel cup holder is designed for a wheelchair armrest that has a flat underside and can use a hook and loop strap around the top to secure it into place.


Cup holder can be placed underneath armrest and swiveled out to the side to hold a glass or mug. When not in use, it can be discretely hidden underneath the armrest to prevent cup holder from breaking when going through doorways or pulling into tables.

Build Instructions

The Swivel Wheelchair Cup Holder consists of several 3D printed parts and some commercially available hook and loop strap for fastening to the wheelchair.

Bill of Materials
  • 1X 3D Printed Cup-Holder-3.5in
  • 1X 3D Printed Swivel Arm
  • 1X 3D Printed Mount Base
  • 1X 3D Printed Mount Plug
  • 1X 3D Printed Mount Top or Mount Top Permobil
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap (e.g., VELCRO), up to 30 mm wide
3D Printing

The parts can be printed in a variety of materials such as PETG or PLA. Some of the parts will require support. In total, it will be 13-14 hours of print time and about 150 g of filament. Support will need to be removed from some of the parts and all parts should be checked for any sharp edges or burrs.


  1. Insert the Cup-Holder into the Swivel Arm, by lining up the rectangular tab on the Swivel Arm with the rectangular hole in the Cup-Holder. The arms of the Swivel Arm will need to temporarily bend out of place.
  2. Insert the Mount Base into the hole in the Swivel Arm.
  3. Attach the appropriate Mount Top onto the top of the Mount Base by aligning the tabs with the slot, and then rotating it a quarter turn / 90 degrees..
  4. Secure the Mount Base into place by inserting the Mount Plug.
  5. Thread the Adjustable Hook and Loop Strap through the slots in the Mount Top.

Animation of Swivel Wheelchair Cup Holder assembly process.


Design by Connor McDough

Assembly Guide by Makers Making Change.