Device Details

The Tenting Stand is a fully 3D printed device that allows an R-Go Split Break Ergonomic Keyboard to be supported at 5 different tenting angles. A tenting angle can help reduce pronation of the forearm and improve ergonomics. Using this stand, the user can elevate their keyboard at a 0, 5, 10, 14, or 15-degree angle.


The user can move the legs to whichever angle is best suited to them using the tabs protruding from the front. The stand will then lock into place. When finished, the user can lower the stand back to 0 degrees and leave each half separated, or push them back together.

Required Skills

  • 3D printing
  • Pulling (for cable ties)
  • Pinching (for assembling legs to clips)

Required Components

  • 4x – 4″ cable ties (
  • 1  – Sheet of Adhesive-Backed Craft Foam (×12-adhesive-foam-sheet-by-creatology/M10032002.html?dwvar_M10032002_color=Black)

Printing Instructions

  • Print the STL files in their given orientations
  • 0.2 mm Layer height
  • No supports
  • No brim

Build Instructions

This device consists of several 3D printed components, zip ties, and a sheet of craft foam. Alternatively, some other non-slip sheet of material can be used in place of the craft foam. All STL’s and documentation can be found in the downloadable maker files in the GitHub Repository.