Device Details


This 3D printed device attaches to the Nintendo Joy-Con Grip and extends the trigger and bumper buttons users to use the buttons more easily. The extenders allow for the bumper and trigger buttons to be activate from more positions.


After assembling the device, the extenders can be pressed anywhere along their front to activate their respective button.


~$0.50 for filament

Build Instructions

To use this device, attach the central Slide-On Trigger Attachment to the centre of the Joy-Con Grip. Next insert the Joy-Cons to the Grip, then insert the trigger extenders in the lower clip and the bumper extenders in the upper clip.

Skills Required

  • 3D Printing

Time Required

  • Printing time: 3h 1min
  • Assembly time: <5min


  • 3D Printer


  • Slide-on Trigger Attachment
  • Shoulder Trigger Extender
  • Shoulder Bumper Extender

3D Printing

All components can be printed with no support at 20% infill with a 0.2 layer height. All pieces can be printed using PLA filament.


Design: Sacha Potvin in the GRRIT Program of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

Logo of Glenrose Rehabilitation Research Innovation & Technology

Documentation: Neil Squire / Makers Making Change