Device Details


The Tube Opener is a tool used to help open tubes or small lids for anyone that has difficulty gripping and twisting the caps. The tool is designed for tube caps that range from about 10–25 mm in diameter, typically 12–50 ml capacity. The device is entirely 3D printable.


Place the Tube Opener down on stable surface. Position the tube to be opened so that the tube cap is located within the working grip area of the opener. Press down on the opener to grip the cap, and twist the tube to unscrew the cap. The guard along the back and the thumb rest helps stop fingers curling into the working grip area.

The Tube Opener can be used to open:

  • Toothpaste or ointment.
  • Hot Sauce, Condiment jars, vanilla extract, apple cider vinegar
  • Paint Supplies
  • Travel size products
  • Nail Polish and remover

Build Instruction

The Tube Opener consists of a single 3D printed part. No assembly is required.

The files and recommended print settings for the 3D printed part are available on Thingiverse. A typical print is 1 hour 30 minutes and uses  about 20 g of material. PLA filament is preferred, as PETG can be too soft to grip effectively.

After printing, minimal post-processing is required. Just ensure to remove any burrs or sharp edges.


There are several options for customizing or personalizing the tube opener. The tube opener can be printed in different colors by changing the filament.  The size of the opener can be adjusted by modifying the scale in the slicer. The opener can be also personalized with text by modifying the stl file with a suitable CAD package.


This device was designed for a talented young artist whose major barrier to creativity is that she can’t open her tubes of paint. The design was created using OpenSCAD so modifications are possible.


This design was created by Stewart Russell.