Device Details


The Voice It is a simple DIY device for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) . It reads the text stored on an RFID tag, then looks for an audio file on its SD card with the same name, and plays the file through the internal speaker. You control which objects have an RFID tag and you control what’s contained in the audio file.

The Bliss Tactile Symbols, by default, include an internal pocket, just big enough to hold a simple RFID tag. The Voice It comes with English and Spanish sound files for each of the 241 out-of-the-box tactile symbols.

You can also attach an RFID tag to any physical object and encode that tag with text using an inexpensive, RFID tag writer. The Voice It SD card can be removed and additional audio files can be added using a PC.

By default, the Voice It “talks” in English but you can easily create an RFID-based language token to switch the language to Spanish or any other language you’ve put on the SD card.



When an object or tactile symbol with an appropriate RFID tag is brought in proximity to the Voice It device, it will say the corresponding word or play the corresponding sound.


Build Instructions

Detailed build instructions and an assembly video are available at the link. The total cost of materials for the device is approximately $150. A suitable RFID reader/writer will also be required.

The build consists of 3D printed parts and electronics that are assembled without any soldering. The Arduino microcontroller needs to be flashed with firmware, and the sounds files will need to be transferred to the memory card.