Device Details

This is a design from Kenneth Maclean, a mechanical engineer who also participated in the Access Makeathon.

From Ken:

“This is a dog treat dispenser which can be mounted on a wheelchair, allowing people with limited hand mobility or dexterity to easily reward their assistance dogs for good behaviours. The device can also simultaneously actuate a handheld clicker, making it possible to employ the “clicker method” of dog training used by many organisations. The device is made of exclusively 3D printed parts in order to eliminate any potential difficulties sourcing components, and does not require any electronics. This makes it both easy and affordable to replicate.

The project was originally undertaken as part of the TOM Global (Tikkun Olam Makers) Innovation Challenge. I also worked with several great people associated with PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society), a non-profit organization in Vancouver, BC that breeds, raises, trains and supports certified assistance dogs. The good folks at Tinkerine were kind enough to help with prints for design testing.

This version is functional, but could still use some polishing. I hope to continue refining the design of the treat dispenser based on user feedback in order to make it as practical and easy-to-use as possible.”


Youtube videos which show the device in action:

Visit the Thingiverse link for access to the files and assembly instructions.

This dispenser is designed to work with a square-shaped handheld clicker that is available online and at most pet stores for $2 or less. The dimensions are approximately 51 mm x 26 mm x 18 mm (2″ x 1″ x 0.7″).  (e.g.