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Makers Making Change wants to support all our volunteers with sharing information about our program. We have included logos, pictures, slides and videos to assist with your presentation needs. If there is any other support you need just reach out to our team as we want to help your Community Chapter to be as successful as possible.


We ask that you send any presentation or signage which includes the MMC logo to your Regional Coordinator for approval prior to publishing. For detailed guidelines on how to use the MMC logo, please refer to our logo usage guide.

If you have any questions regarding logo usage, please contact us at [email protected].

Download the Makers Making Change Logo Set (.zip)


Here are some photos that highlight the MMC program. Feel free to also use photos from our website.

Download Makers Making Change Pictures (.zip)


What is Makers Making Change:

How to Volunteer: ttps://

How to Request:

Makers Making Change: Access Makeathon:

Neil Squire Timeline:

Neil Squire / Makers Making Change YouTube Channel:

Presentation Slide Deck:

Download the Makers Making Change Presentation (.pptx)

Waivers and Media Release:

Download the Makers Making Change Waiver and Media Release (.zip)

REMEMBER: Your Regional Coordinator is always here to provide help.

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